ere at St. John's we try to practice the generous Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This means you may be mixing with
seekers, searchers,
those who have been bruised,
those who limp and mourn,
orphans and widows,
wise elders, young wonderers,
straight, lesbian and gay,
singles and couples,
the wealthy who are trying to get through
the eye of the needle,
the poor who are struggling to maintain their dignity,
the emotionally deprived and harmed,
those who have failed to love
and those who are afraid to receive love,
those struggling with faith and doubt,
and goodness knows how many others.

Indeed, anyone who is like those Jesus mixed with and loved.

This is not a private club but a sacred space open to all people of goodwill---especially those who find difficulty with any of this.

And though we are not yet strong and vulnerable enough to show the unconditional love of God at all times, we hope we are moving in that direction.


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